Manage Private Internal Dependencies With Composer and Satis


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Great talk, Andrew. You delivered just the right blend of informative content, humor, and stage presence. You're well-spoken, articulate, and gentle in your approach.

With regard to the technical elements of the talk: very nicely done. Describing Composer and its practical usage in 30 minutes is a feat unto itself, and you nailed it.

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights!

Very good talk, Andres is a great speaker and his presentation slides are awesome! Most of the talk was an introduction to composer and it's main features. It wasn't until the last 10 min (out of 30 min) that he talked about managing private internal dependencies and it felt a bit rushed. Maybe balance it a bit more in the future.

Great talk Andrew! Where can we obtain a copy of the slides? They were not posted to

Great speaker and topic. Would really be nice to have the slides available.

Terrific talk. Andrew did a great job, his presentation was clear and well structured, which was great since it was 30 minutes. Satis looks to be so useful.

Very informative talk Andrew. I listened to this talk with our Lead Programmer and we were both impressed to try this out with our current (or perhaps next) project.