Rethink Image Manipulations with Glide


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Anonymous at 12:33 on 21 May 2015

Great overview of what seems like a very useful app.

Riley Major at 12:43 on 21 May 2015

Great overview of Glide-- its capabilities and how you'd use it. A lot of energy.

Might want to focus more on use considerations (server load, hosting and caching options) than belaboring the various formatting options (height, rotation, etc.), though the latter does provide an excuse for pretty pictures.

Nice presentation and Glide looks clean and easy to use. Well done!

Quick and easy talk on image manipulation using Glide. Would have appreciated a little more details on extending the software in the presentation.

Anybody who has used WordPress remembers the TimThumb plug-in (and especially the slew of the attendant security-related problems). Glide promises to provide all the bells-and-whistles that TimThumb did, without being WordPress-specific or subject to a veritable plague of security concerns.

Mr. Reinink is a competent speaker who delivered his talk with clarity of mind and voice, responding cogently to several ad-hoc inquiries. I will attend his future talks and am looking forward to foregoing ImageMagick wherever appropriate in the meantime.

Great short talk and intro to Glide.