Testing Culture at Etsy


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Speaks more to the culture of testing (or not), and experiences of adoption, quite positively.

The term "test" is misused, and vocabulary influences thinking, including adoption and discouraging poor practices. I've taken to labeling what people do in browsers by saying "so... you were poking it with a stick?" in response to certain uses of the word "test". It reinforces not that it is horrible, just that it isn't good enough and people should be a little embarrassed to be satisfied with that.

A good companion would be a "practical" walk-through of one type of test case.

This was a nice talk on how testing culture can look and be reinforced. It would be nice to go over some quick steps / guide to get people started. I think the big hurdle is knowing where to get started, etc. Nice to hear about the testing examples saving your dept. skin.