Testing Spaghetti


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We have several large projects internally at our company (100,000+ lines) that are nearly all spaghetti (and macaroni) code. We understand how to do Test Driven Development when starting from scratch, but walking through some realistic examples on refactoring spagehetti code was very helpful and enlightening.

Great talk! Loved the examples and the methodology.

Anonymous at 14:50 on 20 May 2015

great! i'm so glad you touched on maintaining backwards compatibility. one of my coworkers calls "copy/paste errors" "copy pasta". thought that might fit nicely into your pasta theme : P

Anonymous at 14:51 on 20 May 2015

Can we get a link to your slides?

A very energetic, passionate and well brought talk on testing.

Well done

well... thank you!

Don B. Stringham at 16:56 on 20 May 2015

Testing needs more promotion like this.

Lots of energy! Good information. If any critique, I would have liked to see some more difficult examples and processes of working out spaghetti code.

Gave me a hope that implementing tests in my projects is possible ;)

Loved this talk! Excellent presentation and great content!

Great talk. Loved the energy of the speaker. Lots of great techniques to implement on my projects.

Gemma took this complex topic and made it very approachable. Her enthusiastic presentation style was just the right thing after an awesome lunch.

Thanks for introducing me to the concepts of Ravioli code and Macaroni code.

Excellent talk! Drop the "you don't know me" slide, though - I definitely appreciate a humble speaker, but you were almost a little too self-deprecating - be proud of your accomplishments and know that you're not as unknown as you think you are.

As someone who talks about TDD and BDD quite a bit, it was really cool seeing someone give a very real-world, honest overview of testing that could be taken and applied to a messy project right away.