The New Zone: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Code


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Anonymous at 12:31 on 20 May 2015

Another way to think about how to improve productivity. Rather than pushing extremely hard, it is better to be balance. By the way, my company has a ping pong table and developers enjoy to play with it. It helps us to relax.
Thanks for your talk.

This was actually one of my favorite talks. Caused me to leave my laptop in room during presentations to be mindful and focused on the talks. Great job Mike!

Good talk reminding us that we don't multitask, just that we context switch, sometimes very quickly, and that we should give our current task the attention it deserves and not flit about everything else going on around us.

This talk was a good reminder in focusing on the task at hand, giving it the attention it deserves, instead of jumping back and forth between a lot of different distractions.

Good talk, reminded us to practice good mindfulness to reduce stress and improve overall health.

Great talk about mindfulness. Michael didn't shy away from calling out some of the things we do as developers that can be counterproductive; loved the discussion of flow vs mindfulness.

A specific call to action at the end would've been great - challenge us with one thing to implement once we're back to work to make sure we're following through on the great ideas you're sharing with us.