Vagrant and Ansible


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Anonymous at 16:42 on 19 May 2015

great tutorial. ansible demystified. i wish we had a little more time in the tutorial to work through the ansible-galaxy stuff along with the presenter, but the information and demonstration was very rich regardless.

Good overview of provisioning vagrant VMs using ansible.

Anonymous at 16:46 on 19 May 2015

I really enjoyed you presentation about vagrant and ansible. These tools are something I plan on using in the very near future. It was nice to have a very detailed explanation.


Very good session especially on Ansible.

Excellent talk! I had very limited knowledge about vagrant and ansible but Michael got us up and running fast and I'm definitely excited to learn more. I appreciated his calm and deliberate speaking and his thorough knowledge on the topics. It was obvious that he'd prepared for the talk, and it felt very methodical and not haphazard, which I think is important especially for a tutorial session. We ended a bit early but I was grateful for the bonus time at the end because I was getting tired after a long day of php-tekking.

I had never heard of Ansible before. Excellent primer. Thanks Michael.

Been using vagrant for sometime now, but was curious about ansible. The concepts you provided where easy to follow along, and really helped solidify my understanding.