Web Security Training


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Awesome training.

Chris was very knowledgable and gave me tons of great information to take back with me. He was easy to understand and very approachable. Thanks for the great work.

Great course. Thorough!

Anonymous at 16:17 on 19 May 2015

Well-organized, accessible and thorough overview of security issues and solutions.

This was a great seminar and well thought out. It was very helpful and useful to know where to focus efforts.

Very interesting, plenty of examples and solutions. Thanks.

Anonymous at 09:19 on 20 May 2015

Chris is a great presenter and is extremely open, friendly, and helpful. The topic was very well handled. I'm not entirely convinced of the utility of the programming time--without a true code review it felt wasted. Reviewing best-practice code samples as a group might have been more instructive for me.

Amazing training. People who missed the training can get it at PhpArchitect as well (online).

Anonymous at 12:37 on 10 Jun 2015

Overall the session was useful. However the exercises took a good chunk of time and were effectively a huge waste of time. Too much effort was required to get to the point of the exercises, and there was no "here's the answer" files to be had afterward. This could have been accomplished by distributing security-less files to start the exercises with, along with solutions to be studied later.
The exercise time would have been much better spent learning new security material, as it's a rather large subject.