Beware Mutants: Testing Your Tests


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Good intro/overview of the Humbug mutation testing framework for PHP. There were a couple of rough spots that could have been smoothed out with a little more practice and the talking points. The jokes were funny. Well done.

Zachary May at 11:08 on 27 May 2016

I'm glad to see more exotic testing methodologies being discussed in the PHP world, so this was a cool topic. Delivery was a bit awkward, but the speaker was quite knowledgeable.

Ed Barnard at 14:07 on 29 May 2016

PHP Tek had quite a number of amazing, smooth, accomplished and practiced speakers. Ian is clearly a subject matter expert with an interesting message. I'll take the subject matter expert over the amazing speaker every time. I'd never heard of mutation testing as presented here. It's an interesting idea. I have a new perspective on off-by-one errors as well. This session gets five thumbs-up from me.

Other than a few spots with the code examples, I think this was a very well done talk.