Diving into HHVM Extensions


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A very interesting look into both HHVM and extending its functionality (especially for a HHVM noob). James was a bit jet lagged and nervous but he did great. Can't wait to see more talks from him in the future :)

Really cool too see how easy it is to get an extension built for HHVM. I may have to try this stuff out. Well done.

Jeremy Mikola at 12:43 on 31 May 2016

Although a solid, technical presentation on a topic in dire need of more documentation, this did come across as an answer in search of a question. James touched on this in the latter half of the presentation when discussing appropriate use cases for an extension (e.g. interfacing with a C library). To that end, I felt like the audience would have been better served with an example somewhere between the "Hello World"-esque calculator and culminating OpenGL example, despite the obvious "wow" effect of the OpenGL demo.

I can see this being a presentation that users would want to refer to after the fact for reference. Given the amount of code in the OpenGL example, much of it unrelated to HHVM's extension API, a more basic library would be easier to digest.

I don't recall if James mentioned basing the examples on a particular HHVM version, but given that its APIs are still evolving, it would be beneficial to annotate the slides with the version employed and/or notes about such caveats, especially if folks may end using this as reference material.