ERD, Flowcharts, and Other Documentation


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Good talk about the importance of diagrams and flowcharts in the documentation and planning for building software.

Mark McGhie at 11:22 on 25 May 2016

She reminded me of the importance of doing something l'd rather put off

Great talk, thank you!

For me, a very timely reminder. Would appreciate if you could publish your speaker deck, as I didn't quite catch some key points completely in my notes. Thanks.

Adam Petersen at 21:37 on 25 May 2016

Great talk - I wish we had more time to get into detail. IMHO, this would be a great subject for tutorial day.

Erin Mills at 10:31 on 26 May 2016

This was a good talk. I came away inspired to prepare better documentation for the systems I write - and to do it first!

Nick Du Bois at 14:49 on 26 May 2016

I absolutely love your confidence in your code when shipping it out. All because of your planning process before you even write a line of code. Brilliant.

This was an excellent talk that contained a fair amount of common sense stuff as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your documentation. Writing documentation and keeping it up-to-date is always a chore, but this talk gives some actionable items all of us can start with to get better.

Inna Dagaieva at 08:53 on 2 Jun 2016

Found out a lot of new things for myself at this talk. Great speaker!