Introducing Practical RabbitMQ


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A great and fairly comprehensive overview. I'd suggest mentioning the repository with the code being used earlier in the presentation. Also, use that repository yourself to walk through code examples to reduce time spent typing, though hand-entering code is fine for responding to questions for which you don't already have an example. Otherwise, nice job. Would attend again.

Joe Ferguson at 14:12 on 24 May 2016

Great in depth dive into RabbitMQ, great demos and explanations of really simple and complex scenarios.

I'm excited to play with RabbitMQ in my application where applicable. This talk was a great introduction to the power of RabbitMQ and how to get started. I would suggest slides showing changed code in bold where necessary changes are needed for the follow along. Foreign code (to attendees) doesn't quickly stand out making it hard to keep up at times.

Andy Snell at 18:23 on 29 May 2016

A great tutorial for using RabbitMQ, but it was a bit difficult to follow the talk and write constantly changing code at the same time, especially without a desk or table. Having a repository would have helped cut down on the time needed to backtrack and debug. Would attend again.