MySQL's JSON Data Type


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Zachary May at 11:20 on 27 May 2016

Excellent speaker, but the slides are *abysmal*. Just walls of text. :(

I don't think the speaker really did a great job motivating JSON in the RDBMS context, but, hey, there might not be a satisfying answer to that question that doesn't poo-poo the feature entirely.

Good talk. I think it ran quite a bit short for the time allotted, but it was a good intro to the new JSON features in MySQL 5.7.

Derek Binkley at 21:13 on 29 May 2016

It was a good introduction to storing JSON documents in MySQL and covered the functions needed to query and manipulate the documents. I would have like to have a more balanced pros and cons discussion on storing documents versus a full relational table structure.

This was a good introduction to using the JSON data type inside MySQL. I know personally I'm investigating this type of setup as I migrate away from a fully NoSQL system, so the usage and how it interacts with structured data came at a good time.

It did feel like it ran up on time though, and he ran out of dolphins.