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Eric Mann at 17:34 on 26 May 2016

Fantastic examples and perfect, timely advice for anyone coming up in the development community - particularly when it comes to peer comparisons, contributions, and mental health. Learning to be a developer is just as important (if not more so) as learning to write code.

One of the best, most honest, and humorous talks of the conference (that I attended), very personal and genuine. Great speaker.

Simply awesome. Steve shared lots of great advice and critical knowledge in his wonderful anecdotes and experiences. Every aspiring developer should see this talk. Well done.

All good advice, and I got a few good ideas about how to get more involved and be a better member of the community.

Joe McGill at 17:58 on 26 May 2016

Steve gave great, down to earth advice that's applicable to people at any phase of their career. His delivery style was very human—mixing humor with serious personal examples in a way that was very engaging. Would attend again.

Inna Dagaieva at 09:23 on 2 Jun 2016

I think this type of talks are very important in world of web developers. You really need to be aware of physiologic and mental issues that can come along with doing what programmers do. Steve covered everything in great manner. Thanks to him for adding this talk into a conference.