RIP TSRMLS_CC: Porting Extensions to PHP 7


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I have yet to actually build an extension for PHP, so I attended the talk as a user of extensions frustrated with the slow rate at which they're being ported to PHP7. Rather than just whine, I wanted to be able to dig in and help :-)

This was a great primer and definitely laid a foundation I can use to help pull things together.

Jeremy Mikola at 12:10 on 31 May 2016

Adam covered various approaches for upgrading extensions to PHP 7 and gave a thorough explanation of how best to provide PHP 5.x and 7 compatibility in the same project. His experience as maintainer of both the Radius and New Relic extensions was evident in how he handled audience questions and dove into details as they came up. Fundamentals for extension development were introduced succinctly and the material also had solid depth so that even those familiar with extension development were given some new ideas.