You’ve built an API, launched it, and people aren’t excited about it. Why might that be? Many people release APIs for public consumption without any regard for developer experience. This creates a developer ecosystem that invites failure or worse—it can encourage people to seek alternatives. This talk will cover common API pitfalls (spoiler, not all of them are code-related!) and how to create an environment around your API that will make developers happy.


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Mark Knapik at 10:57 on 29 May 2017

5 Things I Hate About Your Presentation

1. It was Real. I found it way too easy to relate to this presenter. And her examples were too 'on the money' for my tastes. The same pitfalls she talks about are the same things that I hate about APIs.
2. Level of Clarity. The presenter was just too darn clear in presenting everything wrong with bad APIs. I didn't have to struggle to comprehend what was being presented at all.
3. Practicality of Solutions. How am I going to justify my crappy API, now that you've given me such clear solutions?
4. Lack of Excuses. My boss is probably going to expect me to actually make our API be something that is enjoyable to use now, and I have no excuse for anything less.
5. I had to come up with some snarky list as a way to comment on this presentation, and that took a lot out of me.

Ok, seriously, great presentation. I did a lot of research before building up my API, and I feel like I hit the major code-related pain points, but you opened my eyes to the surrounding ecosystem. We'll be adding examples, and demos for our API consumers, as a result of your talk. Thanks, Amanda.

Steven Wade at 16:00 on 9 Jun 2017

Loved this presentation! As both a consumer of and occasional creator of APIs, I can relate to the headaches outlined in this talk. I must also admit that I've committed some of these infractions as well. This presentation will help me create better APIs in the future, and it also helped me not feel alone in my frustrations. Thanks!