Having one application to support is easy enough, but what if you have a CMS, an API, a design tool, and a core library that each other tool also needs to consume? Where do you even begin juggling the release management and cycle of so many interconnected and interdependent packages? Learn how a small team manages a large CMS project and utilizes real-world best practices of Git, CI/CD, and old fashion planning to bring a solid platform to thousands of editors and millions of viewers.


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John Hackett at 17:17 on 24 May 2017

Great talk with really good info. I just thought it would be a talk focused on Composer based on the title XD

Matt H. at 17:36 on 24 May 2017

I appreciated what Joe had to say about having a good workflow in place, especially in combination with code review practices and CI/CD. He was easy to understand, and did a good job both with the presentation (quite polished) and the Q&A afterward.

Yar at 18:51 on 24 May 2017

Yar at 18:51 on 24 May 2017

Ed Barnard at 05:57 on 25 May 2017

Joe's talk was useful to me personally. His work team is the same size as the developer team that I'm on, though his company is the opposite end of the size spectrum. Joe explained how they've worked through their process and deployment, which are things we're taking a fresh look at, at work. Waterfalls are beautiful, just not at work.

Really interesting and insightful talk. We're hitting a similar problem currently (although at a much smaller size!), so certainly things I can take back and think about.