In this workshop, we will practice the technique of User Story Mapping to diagram the process. After we have fully fleshed out the details of the project, we will divide into small groups to match the stories to the objectives they solve. These groups will identify what work should be implemented first and complete the design of the user story map. As a larger group, we will talk about the ways our teams planned the work to be done and how they may have helped or hindered the project.

PLEASE NOTE: This half-day workshop takes place on Tuesday, May 23rd before the conference on our dedicated Workshop Day. A combination ticket including Workshop Day must be purchased in order to attend this class. Once you have purchased a Workshop Day ticket you may attend any workshops of your choice that day.


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Zachary May at 11:40 on 24 May 2017

Good info and the hands-on section was pretty valuable. I don't yet feel like I could go back to my team and actually *do* this, but I'm not sure a half-day workshop could provide that.

Chance Garcia at 14:10 on 24 May 2017

Very informative and a lot of fun. Implementing this into our current workflow will be difficult but the workshop provided some insight into moving towards applying the skills learned into my work environment.

My hands-on group was awesome. I'm of course biased because they bought into my pitch of Tinder for Cats as our exercise focus...

Ed Barnard at 05:22 on 25 May 2017

Emily's workshop met her stated objectives, which is always a good thing. I didn't really expect the hands-on part to be of much value to me personally, but it was. I've not dealt with user stories in several years. It's a different (to me) way of looking at things; as such, the content was of value to me. Emily's elaborating of her own experience working in a University environment showed how her group applied these concepts, including the difficulties.

This was a great talk for anyone who is in a position to be delivering features to stakeholders.

Hands on, informative, maybe just enough to take back to a team directly but certainly enough to inform and allow us to formulate strategies, do some research and then take back to your team to implement.

James Upp at 08:55 on 31 May 2017

Coming from the academic world, I could relate to a lot of what Emily discussed. There was plenty of useful information that I hope I can apply. And we may have all groaned inwardly at the words "group activity" but it was probably the best part. It was a great way to put some of what we learned into practice, and a good way to meet and interact with fellow attendees early in the conference.