Abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and interfaces: whether you’ve been programming in PHP for years or are just starting your journey, these terms can be overwhelming. Not only that, people who already understand it act like it’s so easy and they talk right over the simple questions and never explain the basic concepts in a way that actually makes sense. Real life examples of object-oriented terminology in a way that makes sense and allows you to utilize OOP immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: This half-day workshop takes place on Tuesday, May 23rd before the conference on our dedicated Workshop Day. A combination ticket including Workshop Day must be purchased in order to attend this class. Once you have purchased a Workshop Day ticket you may attend any workshops of your choice that day.


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SH at 13:51 on 23 May 2017

Good class, she explained things well. A lot of good examples to code for practice.

SH at 15:02 on 30 May 2017

It's great to have the slides too, and be able to look back at the code snippets and re-work the exercises that I didn't get time to in the workshop.