Designing, when you are a programmer, can be super intimidating. This talk will highlight the best ways to improve your design and UX skills so you can create interfaces that are usable and at least semi-attractive without hiring a designer—guaranteed no designer-y jargon.


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Paul McKibben at 12:20 on 25 May 2017

Excellent overview of basic principles that make a huge difference. Thank you!

Liam Wiltshire at 12:28 on 25 May 2017

Really good talk - awesome to have some of the things I thought I knew validated, and discovered new tools and ideas. Only small comment - I found that the delivery sometimes dropped in volume towards the ends of sections, and I lost some of what was being said - perhaps more my hearing than anything else!

Brian Carcich at 14:00 on 25 May 2017

Thank you, Tracy. It is always a pleasure to listen to a talk by someone who is expert in, and passionate about, a subject.

You made the various design topics accessible as well as opened my eyes to subtleties that were far beyond me going in as a non-designer, so this was exactly as advertised. The shortcuts will be especially invaluable.

I echo what Paul McKibben says (basic principles => huge difference).

You found an excellent balance of coverage vs. depth, as well as what to skip (you skipped some obscure details about fonts, but you spent 5-10s and a slide on them, which was enough that I would know that sub-topic exists and could do the research on my own).

White-space discussion was especially illuminating (even though it was about nothing;-). It might be interesting to show not just too-little vs. about right, but also what too much looks like.

Cons (all minor):

- Your voice had a little quaver. Was it nervousness? If so, you have no need for that anymore!

- One typo (I think) early in slides about color: complimentary vs. complementary.

John Hackett at 14:02 on 25 May 2017

I thought that Tracy did an amazing job giving an overview of basic design principles, especially when talking to coders and folks that don't typically spend as much time with design as we feel more comfortable playing with code. I look forward to her next discussion tomorrow, and will definitely check out her books. Thanks again for all the resources too! Great job!

Mark Knapik at 10:38 on 29 May 2017

This may have been my favorite talk of the convention.
What I loved most was that Tracy didn't waste time talking about meaningless theory. She told me exactly why my website was shite to look at, and even more importantly, how to fix it.
Great job, Tracy.