Curious about what all this Laravel hype is about? Want to see rapid application development first hand? Tired of your old and busted PHP 5.2 framework? Join us for a full day of Laravel training. We cover everything from the ecosystem to getting local development to major features and even how to deploy to production. This class covers Laravel 5.3, application architecture, application testing, best practices, real-world implementations, and exercises to put what you learn into action.

PLEASE NOTE: This full-day training class takes place on Monday, May 22nd before the conference, our Training Day. A specific ticket to this class must be purchased separately from your conference registration in order to attend it. A lunch is included in the ticket price.


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Yar at 17:17 on 24 May 2017

Great head to tail intro with real world examples.

Great class, I liked the real world examples and also that unit testing was included.