Lots of systems are modular and flexible on the surface, but under the hood, their code is very different, as are the communities surrounding them. Does the structure of the code influence the nature of the development community surrounding that code? I’ll do a case study through code review of four different PHP CMSs: WordPress, Drupal, Tikiwiki, and XOOPS. Then, we’ll look for patterns in their communities. Are there connections, or just coincidences?



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Joshua Smith at 13:14 on 8 Jun 2017

The topic is interesting to me and gave some insight into how much application architectures and developer communities can vary.

The idea of showing the code was good, but it was generally way too small, and at times it was washed out and impossible to read. I think the underlying goal was to track a simple page request was passed through each application's architecture. Sometimes we were bouncing around between files too much for me to be able to follow. Perhaps making a flow chart diagram showing how execution passes between parts of the application would help those of us who are unfamiliar with these projects.