Constructing and maintaining a fault-tolerant, high-performance cloud-based web application environment doesn’t magically happen; you must take deliberate steps to ensure that your environment is maintainable and available 24/7, even in the event of failures. This talk will explore some of the best practices to apply when hosting your PHP-based applications on Amazon Web Services. Topics include operating web servers, relational databases, load balancers, file storage, CDNs, and monitoring.


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Zachary May at 12:18 on 26 May 2017

Great talk! A ton of really useful information, and the speaker was excellent.

SH at 17:56 on 30 May 2017

I don't do anything in the cloud yet, but for me, it was a good introduction to how Amazon's web services work and what they offer. It was pretty interesting, and a different way of thinking as opposed to traditional web hosting.

Anonymous at 16:34 on 5 Jun 2017

Really useful overview of AWS services though it did feel a little bit like an infomercial for AWS after awhile. I would have liked to see this talk expand to cover other cloud services and concepts before just always coming back to AWS and "click this button to use this turn-key solution".

Joshua Smith at 13:24 on 8 Jun 2017

This was a great talk. For me, this was good confirmation that I was doing things right, but I did learn a few new things as well. The presentation was clear and the speaker did a good job of engaging the audience as well as answering questions.