As PHP developers, most of what we write ends up in a Linux environment —whether a staging box, AWS or traditional hosting, most servers we work with run Linux. While we all know security is important, most of the time we focus on app security—data validation, XSS attacks, etc., and we don’t always consider the underlying infrastructure. This tutorial gives a hands-on intro to Linux security, allowing any dev to check and secure their stack, and protect their app at a much deeper level.

PLEASE NOTE: This half-day workshop takes place on Tuesday, May 23rd before the conference on our dedicated Workshop Day. A combination ticket including Workshop Day must be purchased in order to attend this class. Once you have purchased a Workshop Day ticket you may attend any workshops of your choice that day.


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Excellent presentation!

Great workshop Liam! Covered tons of helpful and current information on securing systems. He had a good pace and kept things moving along and even had too much prepared (which is much better than not having enough). The slides were clean and easy to read, the setup was super simple to just ssh into the vms, and he had good tricks for locking down things quickly and effectively. I liked the tools covered as well to supplement configurations and settings.

John Hackett at 13:43 on 23 May 2017

The presentation and class were great! Liam did an amazing job.

Jay Kelly at 18:46 on 23 May 2017

Great for devs.

This was a very well put together workshop. The pre-built remote servers that Liam put together for each of us worked incredibly well to illustrate what we were being taught as well as allowing us to quickly and easily get hands on experience with these practices.