MySQL replication is fairly easy to set up and run, but there are many facets you may not be using that could make your life much easier. With containers, you will see how to set up basic replication, learn how to use GTIDs, discover multi-source replication, and then see how to use active-active multi-master Group Replication. You will understand what the various settings really do and what should be in your config files. Bring a Linux box with Docker installed and follow along.

PLEASE NOTE: This half-day workshop takes place on Tuesday, May 23rd before the conference on our dedicated Workshop Day. A combination ticket including Workshop Day must be purchased in order to attend this class. Once you have purchased a Workshop Day ticket you may attend any workshops of your choice that day.


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Dave Stokes (Speaker) at 17:30 on 25 May 2017

Slides at

Anonymous at 15:27 on 5 Jun 2017

I really liked the content of this workshop but there's one large crit that I really really really hope can get fixed before the next time it's given.

Please change the format on your slides to use bullet points. *Please.*

I found myself struggling to listen and read fast enough to be able to figure out which parts were the important pieces of information coming in through ears and eyes to write them down for my notes.

I'm a really fast reader and even I wasn't able to finish reading some of the slides before you were moving on to the next point. Then I couldn't write any condensed information down before the next slide and next part of verbal information was already overwriting what I had just managed to get loaded up. And of course since I was switching between visual, audio, and kinetic so I would have notes for my second pass review, I was scrambling and worried I'd miss something.

The slides should be a good 'short hand' version to help people who aren't audio learners (and I'm not) pluck out the important pieces of your audio instruction. Your verbal instruction is really good and will fill in details not included in the bullet points.

Just reduce the paragraphs in your slides to a list of the key phrases / elements for the student to grasp and this workshop would be golden. The Ignite format for slides has a really good example of what I mean by bulletpoints that can be quickly absorbed:

That was the only issue with the workshop, but it was a really big one and is so very easy to fix that I wanted to get that feedback to you asap. I hate having to put it at a 3 when it really deserves a 5 for everything else.