As engineers, our first and most important obligation is to serve the public good. Out code, impenetrable to most outside our industry, is finding its way deeper and deeper into peoples’ everyday lives. We must create software that safeguards the public’s trust, to the best of our abilities, yet for most us, security is an afterthought. In this session, we’ll learn to think like hackers while we learn how to mitigate harm and build applications that are safer and more resilient to attack.


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While not quite what I was expecting (I thought it would be more technical), Samantha did a great job discussing how developers can make security better and improve the public good. The stories were great examples that highlighted important principles to apply to development and projects.

Yar at 18:43 on 24 May 2017

Definitely altered my perception of evaluation security in general. Specifically on the ethics side of things. The VW emissions post-mortem example specifically made me realize that issues can be tied to ethics from management to development.

10/10 would watch again.

Ed Barnard at 05:54 on 25 May 2017

This talk was understated in its significance, in my view. "The public good" needs to become more of a consideration in our PHP world, lest it become forced on us by engineering disasters. Samantha did a great job of conveying the need for this message.

Impressive talk about the reasoning behind securing applications, if not for protecting applications do it for humanity. Great examples and a nice trip down memory lane. And Samantha is a great speaker