It happens even to tech giants: they get hacked, and client databases get leaked. Let’s look at what data is the most sensitive and what steps we can take to protect it, while still keeping all of the user experience intact. Come see why most web applications do passwords and credit card information wrong.


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Zachary May at 12:20 on 24 May 2017

Great talk!

John Hackett at 13:22 on 24 May 2017

I think that Anna was an excellent speaker, and was evident that she was passionate about what she does and is very good at it. I was personally hoping for more in-depth information for mitigating breaches and protecting yourself from it as much as possible (bullet proof security doesn't exist, I know). It just seemed like a lot of the info were things that I already knew and am doing (salting, ssh keys, password managers, etc)

SH at 17:21 on 30 May 2017

It was a good overview of approaching security breaches. Not too many specifics, but still a very good overview.