Given that Open Source has “won”…now what? Thanks to the proven success of open source, we’re seeing a record influx of new people wanting to play in the open source space. But they come to our world without much knowledge of the battles we fought and won to arrive where we are today, and that fact could be dangerous.


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Paul McKibben at 11:02 on 24 May 2017

Great perspective, thank you!

Matt H. at 11:11 on 24 May 2017

Danese was quite competent as a speaker, and she has lots of experience to draw from, which is definitely valuable. However, I felt like I didn't glean many take-aways (personally) from this particular talk. It's good to remember that we stand on the shoulders of giants, and to learn from our history, but the Q&A portion of the talk seemed more interesting to me than the main part of the presentation.

Great overview and learned quite a bit of trivia

Zachary May at 11:41 on 24 May 2017

Kind of a typical keynote. No real takeaways.

John Hackett at 13:17 on 24 May 2017

I thought Danese did a great job as a keynote speaker, and has a TON of experience to draw from. I would love to sit down and chat with her about her life and career experiences.

Ed Barnard at 05:26 on 25 May 2017

This is the sort of talk whose value will prove out over time. This was the right kickoff to php[tek]. Danese spoke as if her whole audience are personally contributors to major OSS projects, which is not the case. However, her message to each of us as PHP community professionals was spot on.

Decent talk

Mark Knapik at 10:24 on 29 May 2017

Pretty good talk.
I love how Danese got new Open Source developers up to speed on what came before, and where we are now.
I would have liked to see a little more direction telling the new developers where they could get started.

I liked the discussion about how we are standing on the shoulders of giants, a tribute to those who have helped us get to where we are today. In a professional talk, especially a keynote, Danese has a tremendous amount of experience, but the talk wondered a bit. I also felt it was in poor favor to use swear words during a talk, especially the f word during a keynote :(

SH at 15:05 on 30 May 2017

I really enjoyed listening to her, and she seemed like a very knowledgeable and intelligent person. I was impressed.

Sandy Smith at 15:42 on 6 Jun 2017

Very good placement of OSS in perspective and where it stands, and why forgetting the past battles may doom us to repeat them.