PucaTrade is the world’s first quantitatively managed gift economy and trading platform for Magic the Gathering cards, built on the back of a digital points exchange. We have facilitated over 6 million trades through the mail, and in 2016 we expanded into the wild world of Magic Online bots. PucaTrade is built with love and LAMP, runs on AWS, and features a hybrid approach to ReactJS on the front-end. Learn more about our successes and challenges, our scaling story, and our arc starting up a niche SaaS business. Also: There Will Be Magical Prizes


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Good talk about the challenges of growing a project. Mitch was enthusiastic about the subject and gave good examples of how a project can grow and considerations that come along with growth. At times he spoke a little too fast, and I would have liked to have less focus on how the site and game worked and instead more on the challenges. Overall it was a good talk that was probably most interesting to Magic players but applicable to developers in general.

Zachary May at 15:39 on 25 May 2017

Great keynote

Overall talk was good. Would have liked to hear more about problems they faced and how they overcame it.

Ed Barnard at 18:18 on 26 May 2017

Good perspective on an anxious and successful project. I saw it as a view into the Silicon Valley mindset, which in itself was enlightening.

John Hackett at 21:38 on 26 May 2017

Surprisingly good talk actually considering I have next to no interest in MTG. It was nice to hear about the troubles that they faced and were able to overcome. Would have been nice to hear more in-depth of how they managed to overcome some of the hurdles that they faced, especially to get where they are now.

Mark Knapik at 10:40 on 29 May 2017

Good talk, for a keynote.
I didn't feel like I got a lot of crunch, but that is expected for this type of talk.

What I enjoyed most was seeing how the site progressed over time, and each major hurdle that needed to be overcome in each time period.

SH at 17:49 on 30 May 2017

It wasn't too relevant for what I am doing. But that's ok, it was still very interesting to hear what others are doing and hear their stories of work and accomplishment!