This isn’t a talk about adding tests to your PHP codebase, but adding tests to the PHP language itself. And the best part is, all the tests are written in PHP, so you don’t even have to dust off your old C book from college. In this talk, I will show you how to find untested parts of the PHP source code, how to write a test, and how to submit your tests to PHP internals. Just think, even without any C programming, you’ll be able to call yourself an internals contributor.


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Brian Carcich at 16:21 on 25 May 2017

This was excellent, and should be a great recruiting tool to engage people to support PHP and join the community. The steps taken to engage the audience were exceptional.

This was a first-class presentation: speaking synchronization with the animated slides; anmination time shifting, speeding up, and slowing down.

The energy Sammy brought to this topic was infectious.

See you tonight!

Sammy gives the best talks period. Tons of useful information and motivation to help the community.

This was one of the most inspirational talks I've ever attended. I left feeling truly motivated and empowered to write tests for PHP source. The slides were technical and very helpful to show exactly how to do what talk description said would be learned. Sammy had superb delivery and enthusiasm. Amazing talk that I would highly recommend attending in the future.