Hands-free is the future of internet services due to the artificial intelligence (AI) discipline of natural language processing. Google Assistant, released in 2016, realizes the promise of voice as a more natural and frictionless way to interact with technology. Although not the first product of its type on the market, Google Assistant outshines its competitors. During this talk, learn how to interact with Google Assistant and the steps required to teach this AI to become smarter. This talk explores the creation of Actions and the Dialogflow (formerly API.AI) platform by peaking under the covers of an existing Action. Attendees will hear from a developer's point of view the major differences in development and implementation between Google Assistant and its competitors. Attendees are exposed to creating Actions using Node.js, JavaScript, Dialogflow, Google Cloud Platform, and Google Cloud Functions.


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Dan Revel at 11:55 on 3 Jun 2018

A hands on report from the trenches on building action for Google Assistant.

I particularly appreciated the highlighting of 'gotchas' where results varied from those presented in online tutorials and documentation.