There were some pretty substantial cryptography advances in PHP 7.2. Most of these changes were made to make advanced cryptography easier to use. That’s a good thing for developers and end users alike. The addition of libsodium is a game changer. It makes synchronous and asynchronous cryptography a no-brainer and adds better hashing than we've ever had. Argon2i for passwords is pretty substantial as well. We’ll go over the changes and have some practical examples of each. Developers need to know about these advances and just how awesome they are.


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Clark Everetts at 16:58 on 1 Jun 2018

Good overview of the new stuff, and presented at a good pace. The questions at the end of the session can be easily added to the talk material. I look forward to the slides; they'll be helpful. (Would be great if we, the community at large, can help in some way with the documentation on

Andy Snell at 11:32 on 3 Jun 2018

Nice, accessible talk about crypto -- it did get a bit muddy with the differences between how symmetric and asymmetric encryption is handled, but that might just have been the slides. Would have liked to see a few more "real world" examples, otherwise, an excellent talk on a difficult subject.