It’s easy to spend your entire day, heads down, coding projects without thinking twice about the other developers around you. We often get too absorbed with completing our immediate deadlines to spend any time considering the future of our projects, the future of our teams.

By not mentoring new developers we are failing our future. We are failing at providing new developers with the industry experience they need to be a one-day successful candidate for our teams.

Let’s talk about ways we can contribute to mentoring new developers in our teams and our communities.


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Tim Huff at 10:09 on 1 Jun 2018

Thank you, great talk. Yay for audience participation!

Interesting presentation and cool way to involve audience. Thx for the good talk :)

It was a great and interactive speak.

Ryan Howe at 10:14 on 6 Jun 2018

This was a great presentation. I really think that I got a lot of ideas to bring back to my organization to share and try and implement.