Did you recently graduate from school or a coding boot camp? In this talk, we'll introduce you to the blind spots in your training that are holding you back from being a successful software developer, and help you create a plan to fill the voids.

In the first installment of Jamie's Zero-2-FTE series, we explore your "unknown unknowns"---which probably include some of the basic skills and tools you'll need to be a successful software developer you likely didn't learn in school. This talk focuses on the processes and tools you need. If talk of configuration management, heads, branches, bugs, unit and integration testing, and release processes are new to you, this is a great place to start!

While we can't teach you everything there is to know about all these topics in a single session, at least you'll now know what you don't know---and have a path and plan to learn it.


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Jamie's talk was excellent! Her presentation was highly organized, rich with references and easily applicable tips. She was very approachable, willing to answer questions and offer ideas. This talk was rated at the beginner level, but from conversations with other conference participants -- even if they knew the tips she offered, their headaches involves areas where their companies are not applying what they know they "should do". I'm glad I attended this session, and have specific ideas I'll begin applying immediately.