Quick: what does your application really do to the database? Maybe you're not really sure, but you might have some ideas. You'll find when you measure and learn the truth, it will surprise you. Mental models of application/database interactions are almost always wrong, for the same reasons you rarely write bug-free code in general.

This talk is about how you can monitor your database so you can learn what it's _really_ doing. When you can do this, you'll become a much better engineer, not only building better systems but also making your team members heroes too. Here's what you'll learn:

* Why quality of service (QoS) is the best definition of performance
* The four golden signals of QoS
* The difference between measuring the workload and measuring the resources
* How to find and fix any performance problem
* How to find inefficiency and optimization opportunities
* How to diagnose incidents quickly
* How to see what your ORM or service tier is doing behind the scenes


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