Can you find how much of your inventory is on hand or allocated? Which product lines your customers are buying, and in what volume? Can you do it hands-free? In this session, we demonstrate live how **IBM Watson** can help an inventory or sales manager understand how much stock is available, who is buying and selling it, and spot important trends. We *leverage speech-to-text, text-to-speech, natural language processing, good ol’ SQL, and train a chatbot engine* to implement more than a chatbot: a *hands-free, truly interactive* application, powered by Watson in the cloud, using inventory, customer, and sales data.

[Update] As attendees know, the demonstration of the Waston Assistant (Conversation) chatbot didn't happen because *I could not find the chatbot instance in my account!* I finally figured out that IBM Cloud created a *new* empty Assistant instance within my workspace, and of course my chatbot was in the original instance. These instance screens look identical (except for the missing chatbot). If you experience the same thing, click the "change" button on the upper right, and you'll see a list of instances within the workspace.


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Dave Liddament at 17:19 on 5 Jun 2018

I like the idea behind the talk and some of the points raised were interesting. The speaker clearly had a lot of enthusiasm for the subject.

A few thoughts on making an even better talk...

I would have preferred more time to see the demo in action. Even if it had worked we were low on time by the start of the demo.

Unfortunately the live demo gremlins struck. I would recommend recording demos (e.g. using tools like QuickTime) ahead of time and then playback the video in the talk. This massively reduces the risk of the live demo. I've seen a number of other speakers use this technique. If demos are long then break them down into several steps so that people can ask questions between each step or you can emphasise points that are important.

Another minor improvement: I thought some of the slides were a bit text heavy. Perhaps reduce some of the slides to headline bullets. I'm also not sure if the slides with PHP code really added much. Essentially you were just making an HTTP request. The fact a simple HTTP request is all that is required is interesting. The code to do it is less interesting; perhaps reference a github repo or similar for those who are unsure of how to do this.

The topic is very interesting and with a bit of polishing this will be a 5 star talk.

Clark Everetts (Speaker) at 19:54 on 5 Jun 2018

@Dave_Liddament: Thanks very much for this useful feedback. People, this is why speakers love it when you provide feedback. We need and do act upon it!