Learn how and why---after being inspired by a 16 year old---Alicia V. Carr wanted to become an iOS mobile developer at the age of 51. Many believe women and those of Alicia's age are out of touch with technology. Alicia will discuss the challenges she faced as a self-taught, female African-American iOS developer responsible for creating a domestic violence app dedicated to helping victims escape. Unconscious bias has affected Alicia and many other women in tech; the tech community must open their arms and embrace change.


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Fundamentally inspiring, many thanks for sharing your story :)

Chuck Burgess at 14:27 on 31 May 2018

Inspiring inspiring inspiring!

Great story, thanks for sharing!

Really inspirational talk. I was able to take away that it’s never too late to learn new skills. It was also reconfirmed that when you do things to help others, the community, good things will come to you.

inspired me to inspire others to learn to code too, at any age.

Dave Liddament at 17:30 on 4 Jun 2018

Great talk. Also good to see examples of technology being used in such a way to help those in vulnerable situations.