Every developer has their favorite language. Yours is probably PHP. Any well-rounded developer should be at least a bit familiar with multiple languages, even if they do not use them day-to-day. New languages can help put a different perspective on problems, and there are times where PHP might not be the best pick.

There are a plethora of languages out there which can be used for web development, but also server-side scripting, tooling, general app development, or anything under the sun. Why choose a compiled language over dynamic? What are some quirks of different langauges? In sixty minutes, we will look at Go, C, Python, Bash, C#, and Lua and compare them to PHP. Break out of your shell and learn a few new languages you might want to add to your skillset.


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Andy Snell at 11:45 on 3 Jun 2018

Came for a high-level "compare and contrast" of a couple other languages, and was not disappointed. The inclusion of Bash as a language was surprising, but made sense in retrospect.

It was great to see a bunch of different languages! Makes me realize how much I would be able to hack away at something like GO or Python or C if I had to.