In this talk, Eric Muntz will walk through his discovery of the differences between being a developer and being in a leadership role as a developer. He'll also discuss his transition into leadership and how he started developing systems to allow for experimentation in leadership.

Eric will talk through the difficulty of *measuring* experiments in leadership and how to get feedback from your teams and adjacent colleagues in a timely, usable manner. It turns out your fellow leaders will become your first team, and that's the next strategy---*get advice*!

Lastly, he'll talk through stories about how transparency and providing insight into *how* decisions are made, *how* they affect your teams and the rest of the company, and a *timeline* for rolling them out.


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Matt H. at 14:18 on 1 Jun 2018

Thankful for Eric being willing to share his advice and experience with us. There were a lot of nuggets of wisdom there, even in the Q&A time.

John Wong at 14:28 on 1 Jun 2018

great talk and presented in a way that can draw audience attention, make me think what leaders should focus on. thanks a lot.

Ravi Gehlot at 00:10 on 2 Jun 2018

Awesome talk! Thanks!

Dave Liddament at 17:34 on 4 Jun 2018

Entertaining and thoughtful talk. Great Q&A at the end.