In this talk, Derick Rethans will cover the latest additions to Xdebug. Although it is now 15 years old, many features have been added in the last few years and months.

Derick will introduce and explain these new features, and some more notable features added in the last few years. More specifically, new features for remote debugging, filters for tracing and code coverage, and of course all the other new features in Xdebug 2.6.


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Dan Revel at 11:29 on 1 Jun 2018

Xdebug just keeps on giving!

I came to this talk to hear if anything changed with regard to xdebug + code coverage. It delivered with some small code examples. I definitely have more questions, but it was an informative talk.

Betsy Gamrat at 05:45 on 3 Jun 2018

I rely on XDebug primarily for profiling. This talk helped me see how I can make more use of it. Thank you