API gateways come in many different packages, from hosted services to open source applications and address a wide range of needs. Are they useful for more than just large scale APIs? What problems do they solve when building a new API? What about existing legacy APIs?

In this session, we’ll dig into where API gateways came from, and the variety of use cases for them. We’ll take a look at the role they can plan at different stages of API development – from building a new API, to making an existing internal API open to the public, to maintaining an existing API.


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A pretty good overview of what an API Gateway is. I probably would have preferred a more high-level overview of all the different options, and then a more in-depth look into a single, more generic API Gateway. That way we could learn more about how to actually accomplish things in a gateway.

A good introduction, but I still walked away with a lot of questions (even though I asked some during the presentation). Some core aspects weren't clear - is this purely for APIs that you built? Can you connect 3rd party APIs? If connecting 3rd party, is the data limited, and if so, how much? For people who have never used one and are considering exploring them, a better understanding of the flexibility and power would have been helpful.