Requests and responses are the core of an API, and a significant part of the interface you’re designing. The code that consumes your API needs to create the request, and parse the response, so it’s worth considering what formats are natural for those consumers, not just what’s natural for the API code we’ll be writing.

But the consuming code isn’t the only thing to consider. If you have to support multiple formats, how do you do that consistently? What techniques can be used in APIs that need to handle binary data as well?

In this session, we’ll take a look at common request and response formats. We’ll also consider the advantages of each, not just in terms of the consuming code, but also use case and context. Finally, we’ll explore the general structure of API requests and responses for different API design patterns.


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A good session from someone who is clearly passionate about request and response formats in APIs.

A good talk, practical and useful for someone who has been dabbling in APIs but is also "figuring it out" much of the time. This helped provide some clarity on certain subjects.