Federated identity and authentication come in a number of flavors. There’s OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, FIDO, and Web Authn to name a few.

Learn about the pros, cons, and use cases for each.


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Eric Mann at 09:53 on 21 May 2019

Great coverage of the different standards, frameworks available, and the uses cases for each. Incredibly helpful in disambiguating what can be a confusing alphabet soup of authentication and identity-related acronyms!

John Congdon at 08:40 on 22 May 2019

I left this presentation definitely wanting to look into these standards more. There seemed to definitely be some bias towards some standards over others, which is great, I want opinions.

I would prefer to spend less time on the others (OpenID) since you seemed to lean towards OpenID Connect. And with that time saved from the ones you didn't prefer, maybe show examples of implementation.