There are many areas to work on when improving web performance. For every type of resource that makes up a page, there are different ways of optimizing them. In this talk, we’ll look at several low hanging fruit – assets that can be optimized with very little work, most of which can be automated into your CI pipeline. We’ll then go into some more advanced front end topics that require development work, and humans to make a decision on whether it’s worth it or not.

Topics that we will cover are:

Image Optimization
Combining or Splitting CSS & JavaScript
Whether to use domain sharding or not
CSS & JavaScript considerations
Service Workers
Web Workers
Preload hints
At the end of this talk, attendees will have the skills needed to bring about immediate performance improvements to their sites, often with very little effort.


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A great talk by someone who is very knowledgeable with a ton of optimization lessons for the front-end.