Back in 2000, Roy Fielding wrote a dissertation codifying a set of design patterns for the web that he termed Representational State Transfer, or REST. This talk condenses that dissertation down to its main points, providing the "why" behind the patterns of a REST API, while pointing out the tenets that people still do follow (and then blame the resulting API shortcomings on REST itself). We'll also take a look at sets of design principles that, while not the core of REST itself, are common principles and patterns that keep APIs from being creative in all the wrong ways.


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Super interesting talk! Gave me a lot of information on REST in a way that was approachable and saved me from having to drag myself through academic language on the topic. Really appreciate Ian doing the work to bring this to us!

Matt Libera at 15:55 on 18 May 2023

Ian clearly knows his stuff and has done his research. It was good information, but the talk itself didn't grab me. The last few minutes of applying the information were really the meat-and-potatoes, and we couldn't dig in as deeply because of time. I think the application pieces would have been more effective sprinkled throughout the rest of the talk vs. at the very end.

Ian Littman (Speaker) at 16:03 on 18 May 2023

Matt, thanks for your comment! Will see if I can figure out how to work those items in in future revisions. Doesn't all fit, but some of it could've.