Good developer experience (DX) is critical in the tools we use, whether external- or internal-facing. The easier it is for your team to do their job, the happier and more efficient thel be. So far, the JavaScript community has cornered the market on developer tooling, but the PHP community is catching up.

In this talk, I'll crack open my toolbox and share some of the tools I use in daily development and why I think they improve the DX of projects I work on. We'll look at some familiar tools, such as PHPUnit and PHP_CodeSniffer, along with new tools like PHPStan and Psalm. I'll show how to configure these tools for better workflows through Composer scripts and plugins. We'll also see how to standardize your team's workflow with CaptainHook. By the end, I hope you'll leave with some good ideas for improving your team's DX.


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Oscar Merida at 16:57 on 17 May 2023

Good pace of content - with a lot to digest. I already have a couple of things I want to implement/automate when I get back to world. -1/2 star for not mentioning D&D

Good technical talk. There were lots of new tools and concepts introduced that I didn't know about. Good flow and examples used. Great to see Ben speaking about things he uses and works on.

Kyle Schatzle at 09:55 on 18 May 2023

Great topic, great speaker. I enjoyed the details on how to setup very tasks with composer.

So much info to process! I'm definitely going to have to look through the video/slides to make sure I glean everything possible. Ben is great and so knowledgeable and good at communicating information.

Great information. It would have been nice to see some more practical examples of the tools.

Ryan Howe at 13:35 on 18 May 2023

Thanks for the great talk, really expanded my knowledge of the places that I could utilize and hook into composer. Seeing the re-usability portion was just icing on the cake. Gave me a lot to think about as we develop out our processes.