Building PHP applications using domain-driven design (DDD) techniques results in code that is easier to modify, maintain, test, and makes for a better user experience. In this hands-on tutorial, you will become versed in the best practices for solving problems using domain-driven design in PHP from start to finish. You will learn to: - Understand what Domain-driven design is and what problems it is good for - Discover a ubiquitous language and identify changes in the design of PHP classes, methods, and problem-solving - Use Event Storming build the best software for the client/user - Assemble an incorruptible domain model in PHP - Use bounded contexts and domain events to better organize code and make it more modular - Employ best practices for persisting and accessing entities and aggregate roots in Laravel Eloquent, Doctrine, Zend, etc - Use advanced PHP object-oriented techniques to simplify code and reduce state complexity - Plan for change by using the Hexagonal Architecture Pattern - Evaluate when and how to use CQRS and Event Sourcing techniques - Introduce DDD to a “legacy” codebase - DDD and handling thousands of requests per second at scale - Discover recommended resources for learning more about applying DDD in PHP


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Nick Pattison at 16:55 on 16 May 2023

Lots of great content and insight! Thank you!

McGhee Rich at 16:57 on 16 May 2023

Excellent use of examples for a fairly complex topic. Started off a little slow while establishing the background, but finished very strong.

Nuno Souto at 16:58 on 16 May 2023

Very good, lots to take home and check think about, the exercise was great.

Loved the flow, content, and delivery. The interactivity really helped.

Preston Brink at 20:00 on 16 May 2023

Great talk, covered a lot of areas. I appreciated the real world example but would have liked to have a more working code base to look at, at the end or a final product to see how everything came together.

A lot of great content, and the use of a brewery for modeling means people learn both DDD and homebrewing!

It did feel like there was a lot of jumping around though, which made it hard to follow at times.

Lots of material covered around DDD. Good to hear some opinions on architecture sprinkled in there. Kept pace going and added in some good humor. Good way to break out with 4 different focuses to define domains.

Would have liked to see a variety of examples, and dive into project structure for DDD projects. With it being a workshop, could have had a short break. Overall great workshop.

Jason Wassing at 12:32 on 17 May 2023

Very in depth and interesting. Excellent insights and food for thought.

Greg Fox at 13:46 on 17 May 2023

Very concise and helpful talk on what is a very large subject, thanks big time. The interactive session was not helpful for me personally.

Dana Luther at 17:19 on 17 May 2023

This was an excellent explanation of DDD and I’m really looking forward to Thursday’s deep dive further into the topic. The diagram for the brewing example was very clear and easy to follow. The whole thing really hit its stride about half way through (just a bit after the exercise with the paper and sticky notes).

Ryan Howe at 10:55 on 18 May 2023

Really enjoyed the talk, would have liked to have the intro shorter and extend the examples more. But I learnt a lot and I’m excited to implement some of these ideas

Helped my understand more on the event storming and how it could be used to identify various parts in the process