HAL is a lightweight yet useful hypermedia format. Wl talk about how we're using it at PhoneBurner, the constrains we've put on it, and the patterns that we're using to implement APIs both server and client side. We'll also cover the powerful cache pattern that allows client side request optimization to be handled server side. If you're looking for practical examples of how to implement and benifit from hypermedia when developing the internal APIs that power your own client side applications, this is the talk for you.


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Really informative talk, though it would have been nice to be able to look at the plugin (considering that was the majority of Joe’s portion).

Great first talk, Joe; you’re fortunate to have Tim as a speaking mentor!

Chris Hartjes at 15:45 on 17 May 2023

Very interesting talk on how to alter the approach of your API to provide way more useful information to clients in responses in the form of consistent links to other resources your application needs

Dana Luther at 09:18 on 18 May 2023

This was a great talk for people who are already familiar with the basics of HAL and want to improve. For hypermedia novices, a simple one liner about where it fits into the API equation would be super helpful.

Kyle Schatzle at 09:55 on 18 May 2023

Very interesting talk. I enjoyed the overview. The plugin was interesting and wish there was more detail concerning it.

Ryan Howe at 13:33 on 18 May 2023

First of all great first talk Joe! Really liked the way that the benefits from this were able to be changed on the server side with no changes needed on the client side. Very interesting project, great presentation. Thanks for all the info and great examples.

Nice job... The dual speakers allowed for a use case that included both the frontend and backend to really create a full picture for attendees. Great first talk, @Joseph!

Brandon Worby at 15:33 on 18 May 2023

You guys did a great job and are a good duo. Love the animations and info-graphic.