PSR-7 - HTTP Request / Response objects - provides a great set of common interfaces which allow you to leverage different bits of frameworks and component libraries while building web applications. Even better, there are so many implementations, i likely a library you already use has one. However, the general behavior of a PRS-7 implementation isn't tailored to the context of your application. But writing your own request / response implementation just for some syntactic sugar seems like a maintenance headache. Built by the development team at PhoneBurner, HTTP Tortilla is a set of traits that make it easy to wrap any existing PSR-7 implementation and add your own functionality. But that's only where it starts. By providing a simple way to satisfy the interfaces you can now easily give existing classes - like exceptions - PSR-7 abilities.


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Ryan Howe at 13:31 on 18 May 2023

Great talk and demo. The way that HTTP-Tortilla integrates itself with PSR-7 in such a friction-less manner makes experimenting with its implementation really attractive. Honestly the entire project just goes through determining the resources you need and hydrating them in a completely new fashion for me so there is just a lot of conceptual unpacking I'll be doing for the next several days. Thanks for another great talk