Tired of typing out the same long commands over and over? Come learn about Make and how Makefiles can simplify long and complex command line tasks such as managing dependencies, creating test environments, executing test suites, and even deploying our application. We can even simplify our CICD tasks and use Makefiles to create repeatable steps that we can run locally to debug complex CICD scenarios.


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I’ve used make files for use in my dotfiles but he greatly showed how it has an even better use for CICD. Looking forward to implanting this in my projects.

Nick Marsceau at 15:54 on 18 May 2023

Really loved the talk! I've seen Make before, but haven't used it in a long time. Joe very clearly articulated why Make is useful, and he showed a ton of examples where he has used it for his team. I plan to use it to automate Docker workflows for my team!

…darn it, Joe. I think you just made me a Make convert.