Would you like to create your own musical playlist in a very simple way? Would you like to show your friends your very own personal playlist of favorite songs? Would you like to implement the code into your personal website? You can do that with PHP! To some individuals, PHP is a simple language but it can be very complex. In this talk attendees will learn about how to create their own musical playlist with their favorite songs just by coding in PHP! Attendees will leave this talk with an understanding of PHP and learn how to: Create a simple playlist of their favorite songs Add their favorite songs to their playlist Loop through their favorite songs Make a song go to the next song Have it play in any kind of browser on the Internet


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I enjoyed the result but wish the live-coding was narrated to speak to exact steps occurring.
Additionally - I love Chicago! But the history lesson didn't exactly tie in.

Cori Lint at 09:26 on 18 May 2023

Loved the authenticity of this speaker and the talk. Instead of live coding the whole app, I would have liked to start with the already written code and listen to the speaker explain it, or at least narrate more while coding. But it was fun to see it come together, and there was more personality in this talk than any others I’ve attended :)